The AdWords Relevance Factor
Google AdWords to connects with your market when it's a most relevant time. Your ads are being placed when decisions are being made. AdWords shows ads to potential customers during their active searching mode, when they are searching for what your business offers. 89% of consumers making in-store purchases have conducted online research prior to purchase. When a person searches on Google, they are seeking out information on products they intend to purchase. They are often in an active buying mode. They may be looking for the following:
  • a local source for the product
  • an online source for the product
  • pricing information
  • product specifications
  • product reviews
When searches occur which are not related, or are not relevant, to what you sell, your ads do not appear. By using Google AdWords you can have your ads placed alongside search results letting them choose you as a source for the product or the information.

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