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We make digital marketing work better. Beginning with comprehensive strategy development, we help you execute yout digital marketing plans from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to website development and content improvement, we make Digital Marketing work better. If your existing website is not performing up to your expectations, we can help. We can target your website to your market and improve the performance. We are a Google Certified Ads Professional.


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From Desktop to mobile First
Digital Marketing is what we are all about. The world has already shifted to online for their sources of information, entertainment, purchasing, and time wasting. In 2020, this shift has gained momentum and driven right off the desktop to mobile devices which are now the most preferred devices to search, browse, and interact with the rest of the world. The new first rule of website design is now Mobile First. We take our digital marketing experience and extend from desktop to mobile with device responsive websites, matching the display and layout to the technology of the device. Whether you need a WordPress website with built in content management or if you need a custom website with full webmaster support, we can deliver your website within your budget and beyond your expectations.
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Digital marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy includes making intentional choices about how you choose to compete.  Whether you goal is to be the best in the world, the best in the country, the best in the province, or the best in your city, your digital marketing strategy needs to align with your business strategy.  The best starting point for improving your business is right now.

The marketing strategy then needs to be executed with determined and aggressive implementation plans.  It has been said that a mediocre strategy, well executed, will win out over a better strategy that is poorly executed.  The best answer of course is to develop a strong digital marketing strategy and then followup with a well executed plan of tactics and initiatives.  We can show you how.

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Netnotic makes Digital Marketing work better. Does Google like your site? We can help bring you more of the right traffic to your site.



Need to get more people to your site in a hurry? We use Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to kick start traffic growth.



We bring your website vision to the screen. From custom design elements to fully mobile responsive WordPress websites, we make it happen.



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Our free technical audit report will quickly give you insights into how well your website is operating. Technical errors can affect your search engine rankings.

Digital marketing for Outfitters

We have worked with many hunting outfitters and fishing lodges to improve their online digital marketing performance.  In fact, hunting and fishing clients are our favorite clients.

See More Info on Digital Marketing for Outfitters

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What our Clients Say

"Galen is a reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced marketing consultant. He is particularly adept at search engine optimization services. I collaborated with Galen on a recent website strategy project where he successfully provided SEO recommendations and AdWords campaign management that helped boost our client's new website traffic by 75% in the first week alone. I look forward to collaborating with Galen again."

- Harley Rivet: Deep Dish Digital

THANKS VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP WITH UPDATING OUR WEBSITE!!! It is at least 100% better than it was and I really appreciate it and also realize that you have just started on it. Great job.."

- Ron Lavoie: Otter Creek Outfitters


In an industry that the customer knows what they want, but no idea how to make it work!  Our experience with Galen has been extremely valuable, ensuring today's design will work with our growth plans of tomorrow.  E&M Real Estate group has had the pleasure of working with Galen on number of projects with a couple different clients.  Galen has developed a product for our company that not only make us look great on the consumer side but has streamline our administrative process within the office.  Truly a valued business relationship for E&M Real Estate Group and our team!

- Marty Edwards: Sonoma Realty / E&M Homes

Strategy  Development

Marketing Strategy Development is both a creative process and an analytical exercise.  Data uncovers opportunities as well as supports critical opportunities.  Creative problem solving and idea generation leads to plans and tactics that help to establish your competitive advantage.

leadership processes

We have developed a number of process, from high level marketing and business strategy development to very tactical keyword discovery processes.  Each client is unique and the process takes us down a different path and to the development of a unique plan, but the framework of our planning process consistently help us get there, with results that help your business thrive.

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