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WordPress Design plus Content Management

Do you want the control of your content plus the quality of professionally designed templates?  Then a website using the  WordPress Website  Content Management System is exactly what you need. We offer WordPress website set up and development. If you need WordPress to function beyond the "out of the box" feature set in WordPress, we have experience in customizing WordPress as well as installing and  - configuring  the many available WordPress plug-ins. A typical WordPress website development project will include:
  •  - installation of the WordPress core system files on your server account
  •  - selection and installation of a WordPress theme (design template)
  •  - theme customization's as needed
  •  - installation and configuration of required plug-ins
  •  - loading and uploading of content provided by client
  •  - basic training on how to use WordPress and the plug-ins to manage the site

Mobile Responsive WordPress

We always recommend using a WordPress Website theme that is mobile responsive.  A huge advantage to WordPress is that virtually all themes now available by WordPress theme developers are mobile responsive.  That means thousands of themes that are ready to go.

WordPress Customization's

Sometimes a customer will choose a theme that "best suits" the style and design they want, but some tweaks and changes are needed.  No problems.  We can tweak the design, colour scheme, and layout as needed to meet your branding and design goals.

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