How AdWords Works

How AdWords Works - Small Business Results

Google AdWords is the most effective small business advertising tool I have ever used.  It is the most effective online advertising tool, and the most effective advertising tool of all posible media, period.  It is better, easier, faster, more reliable, and less expensive than any other form of advertising. It passes all the important test of reach and relevance with flying colors and then excels at ROI.  It is a system where you only pay for performance.  Your results will be relative to your advertising investment. Bigger budgets get more results. When users perform a search on Google, the top of the listings the right hand side are usually display “sponsored listings”.  Your Google AdWords ads may be shown in a number of different ways, you have choices, on a number of different devices.   Where and if your ads appear on the Google search page depends the bidding strategy you use and on your Ad Quality Score.  A high quality score will lower how much you have to pay for a good spot in the search results. The most successful ads on Google AdWords are usually ads which are direct and to the point.  The ads themselves are limited size text ads (other formats can be used as well) so you need to grab attention in 3 or 4 carefully selected words. Four components tend to make your ad campaigns a success, well written ads, carefully chosen keywords, enough budget dollars, and the willingness to tweak and experiment within the Google AdWords system. Interested in driving more traffic to your website.  We can help.  We have a Certified Google AdWords Professional.  

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