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Solve a Problem with Content

Customers will exchange their contact details for valuable content.  When a customer has a problem, they will seek Contact for Content exchangeout information from experts to help solve the problem.  If you are an expert in your field, you can help them solve the problem and turn their problem into a marketing opportunity for you.  Think of what you have to offer, your advice, your tips, your wealth of experience and how can you package that?  Popular forms of content include how-to e-books, whitepapers, webinars, training videos, and digital step by step guides.  Whether you are in the financial services or dog training, people are willing to trade you their name and email (but maybe not a lot more in the beginning) for your advice.  This is simply an exchange of value, your content for the opportunity to contact them in the future.

Value First Content Strategy

Begin the process of Content Marketing by thinking of pieces of value you can offer, then decide what format the content should be made available in.  For example, a white paper is best when comparing un-biased research based results that support your companies products or services.  an e-book is better at providing a series of instructions or a step by step guide.  Whatever the format, keep the  concept of Value First at the forefront.  The more valuable the content, the more willing the site visitor will be to trade his contact information.

The Contact for Content Exchange

To facilitate the gathering of their contact information for your free content, you need to set up a landing page.  On this landing page, provide the visitor a form to fill out, with minimal requirements.  Make sure that name and email address are required.  The more information you ask for, the less likely you are to receive it (at this point).  Upon completion of the form, the contact is provided a download link for you free content.  To see examples of how this can happen you can check out our "5 Magical Steps to Grow Your Website Traffic"

See another example at our Free Keyword Rank Report.

Both of the above are example of how we exchange our advice and our value for the contact information.


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