Who Links to You?

Who Links to Your Website?

Do you know who is linking to your website?  Do you know if the link is helping or hurting your website?  What pages on your website have the most links and what anchor text is used in the link?  These are all very important questions that you should know if you want to have a website optimized for search engine results.  All search engines use the links that point to your website as some indication of:
  • the popularity of your website
  • the value of your website
  • the authority of your website
Knowing detailed information about your websites links.  My favorite link analysis tool is the Open Site Explorer which can be found at http://www.opensiteexplorer.org.   There is a free reporting tool which you can use simply by entering the URL of your site or of a specific page.  I recommend you pay for the PRO version which gives you far greater insights into the link structures pointing to your website.

Getting Rid of Bad Links

If your site has seen a rankings decrease, possibly due to bad links pointing to your site, you can now tell Google about these through the use of the Google Webmaster Tools Disavow tool.  Read more about the Google Disavow Tool in one of our previous posts.  This will help get the most out of the good links you do have and remove the penalty effect of the bad links.

The Value of Links

Why bother with links at all?  Search Engines treat links as a vote for your site.  More votes, generally, means more sites "recommend" your site.  This was previously referred to as PageRank, a value out of 10 that Google gave to your site.  Google still uses PageRank, but it is now one of over 200 ranking signals they use.  As a vote for your site, it is important, but so it the source.  Good links are from high quality site that have content related to yours. You can enter a company that offers link building seo services for they can be able to scale this process of link building for you.

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