On-Page SEO vs Off-Page SEO

On Page vs Off Page

On Page vs Off Page, Where to Start? The answer is on page optimization should happen first.  On page optimization is getting all your stuff sorted out and your pages ready for search engines to understand what your page and your content is about.  If you work in reverse (put off page optimization first), and build a bunch of links to pages that are not optimized you will likely establish low relevance between the links and the pages which may be difficult to overcome.  Start with getting your pages in order, write great useful content, make use of the one page SEO assets which help search engines understand and position you properly, then work on your off page optimization strategy. Think of your website as a retail store, with categories and aisles.  if you bring customers (online traffic) to your retail store, but the store is not set up properly, customers will feel disorganized, frustrated, and not get what they came for (your content).  In the same way, search engines will have a tough time categorizing and indexing a poorly organized site.  Once your site is built, work on building the traffic so that when the search engines and traffic arrive, they do what you want, which is use your content, buy your products, read your information, sign up for your newsletter, and make your site a valuable resource.

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