Rodeo Management adds the FCA
Fresh on the heels of adding the NCJRA to our growing list of Rodeo Management SystemTM clients, we have added the Foothills Cowboy Association. While just coming off the peak of the workload of a rush implementation for the NCJRA, we received confirmation from the FCA that they were now ready to go and asked "How soon can we be ready?".  Given that they were already 3 rodeos into the season, we knew we needed to pull up our boots and roll up our sleeves to get them ready as soon as possible.  Like every rodeo association we have worked with, there were a number of special features needed.  From the way they charge out their fees to the way they calculate their payouts, there was a moderately sized list of customization's that we tackled quickly to get them up and running. We are used to custom requirements, in fact we built the Rodeo Management SystemTM with the ability to add rodeo association specific rules and routines.  What was most interesting about the FCA was that they had already completed 3 of the 2017 season rodeos so the implementation was to be in-season and we needed to get prior rodeo data imported as well so that season standings, payouts, and more cold be determined.  In order to qualify for rodeo finals, rodeo contestants need to participate in a certain percentage of events through the season and accumulate enough points through placing in those events.  So we built a few import routines and rapid data entry methods to speed up the process. We are now mid season with the FCA and running nicely with the RMS.  As we are happy to report with each and every customer who joins, the FCA has a number of enhancements that they have indicate will make the RMS even more valuable to them, which then become available, and more valuable, to all RMS customers.  These customization's include special financial reports and/or features that make data management more efficient. We are happy to oblige knowing that each feature added, each improvement, makes for a better Rodeo Management SystemTM.