Rodeo Management adds NCJRA
We are thrilled to announce that we have added the Northern California Junior Rodeo Association to the growing list of clients for our Rodeo Management SystemTM. Bringing on this client has been a phenomenal experience and because a Junior Rodeo association operates somewhat differently we had a number of new customized features to add based on their requirements. But the fun part was the timing. We received the call on Thursday, "Can we be ready for our next rodeo, Saturday?". Without hesitation we answered "Yes". Then working frantically over the next 48 hours on both ends, custom programming by us and data entry by the NCJRA, we were able to display the rodeo draw and enter/post results by the weekend.  The extensive use of data imports was a huge asset to upload the member list and much of the data for their list of entrants into events. The list of new features was extensive.  From events that are scored in non-standard ways to events involving Junior and Senior members, we built a number of subroutines and enhancements that are now available for our other associations to benefit from.  In addition to the 'essential' customized features that were added, the perspectives coming from new clients have also offered up suggestions for new notification enhancements that we have on the drawing board for later this season. The NCJRA is using the full suite of features from RMS, including online entry, payments via PayPal, the Draw Generation Engine, payout calculations, full public display of schedules, draws, results, and standings, full membership management, plus all the back end admin reports. One of the more interesting enhancements was the addition of the new Day All-Around Standings which is a points based system specific to the rodeo date (or weekend) that ranks competitors within Senior Boys, Senior Girls, Junior Boys and Junior Girls based on accumulated points across all qualifying events. With each new client, we uncover a new set of requirements and their 'way of doing things' that improves the value, power and flexibility of the Rodeo Management SystemTM.