Lather Rinse Repeat SEO Method
Maybe the better title for this SEO Method article would be How to Repeat Success. When you have a marketing activity (tactic) that works, the simple formula to get more results is to do more of the same activity.  If you invest in 100 units of something and get back 200 units in return then simple math says that you can get 400 units, if you put in 200 units.  That seems pretty simple.  As easy as washing your hair, where the instructions on most shampoo bottles is "Lather - Rinse - Repeat".  Following those instructions should produce predictable results, clean hair. Sometime marketers are convinced that they must constantly innovate and change in order to deliver value to their organization.  To this I say yes, but not always, especially in many cases.  How was that for clarity?  Simply put, i don't believe all change and all innovation is progress.  If you have uncovered a formula, or a process that works, it would be a disservice to your company to stop following that process. An example will help explain.  A tried and tested formula for achieving good SEO rankings is to select a search term with value to your customer base, establish a page, or several, that provide the user with interesting and valuable content on the topic, supplement with several blog articles, posted at regular intervals, and make use of social media to help spread the message and attract potential links.  If this works for Product A, how do you attract a market to Product B?  Lather - Rinse - Repeat, follow the same SEO formula. Once you have developed a process that produces success, you don't need to start over.  Can you get better results than your Lather - Rinse - Repeat SEO method.  Absolutely!  But modify your success formula in small and measurable ways, so that you know what changes produced improvements. ------------- You can Subscribe to all our posts and receive an automatic email notification when we post a new article.  Subscribe to our Posts.