Ground Hog Day SEO Approach
Does it seems like your SEO is caught in the Ground Hog Day cycle? In the movie Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray keeps waking up to Ground Hog day, over and over and over, the same day repeats itself. If your SEO feels like you keep going to work, but nothing changes, then perhaps you are following a stale routine that is bound to produce the same bland results, the same day, over an over. Ground Hog Day is a a great day to take a new approach to swipe this marketing agency framework, freshen up, and see if you can move the needle.  We have a couple suggestions below, but, before you start, keep in mind that nothing is permanent on the Internet, no failure is fatal, and no victory is final. You can visit to get help building links. With enough attempts, you will find improvements.

Take the Ground Hog Day SEO Approach

Step 1.  Select two keywords (search terms) on your site and separate pages or sets of pages that relate to each keyword. Step 2. Devise two different SEO tactics to try and improve your search engine placement. Step 3. Implement the tactics from Step 2 and monitor the changes in placement for the next two weeks.  Make sure you document what you do. Step 4. This is your Ground Hog Day of Reckoning.  For each of the tactics you choose, evaluate your placement.  if you have moved up, congratulations, the ground hog didn't see it's shadow and your SEO spring is coming.  Use this tactic on more areas of your site.  Did you fall in the rankings, did the ground hog see it's shadow?  Are 6 more weeks of SEO winter coming your way?  Remember, nothing is permanent.  Immediately change back the losing tactic to the way it was pre-ground hog day and move on to another tactic.

What SEO Tactic Should I Use?

If you don't try something different, your results will repeat, so here are two approaches that you can try: 1. Go Long Tail and support each variant with a new page on your site.  Take your root keyword and add modifiers to it to make it more specific (ie. less competition for the phrase) and build content pages that are optimized for that long-tail version of your root keyword. 2. Go social.  Choose an interesting piece of content on your site, informative or instructional, and blast it out on all your social channels.  Encourage your followers to like and link to your content and give tell them why they should, why their audience might like the content. 3. Refresh Old Content.  Dig up some content that has been on your site for several years, and edit the content to update the information, new stats, new observations, or post a revision to the article with responses to feedback and comments. All three of these tactics have proven highly successful.  Go Ground Hog Day SEO and see what happens. ------- If you like this article, and you want to get notified we post more, sign up here.