WordPress Makes Mobile Easy

Everyone has a smart phone.

My mother in law has a smart phone, and mobile internet browsing is continuing to climb.  I have seen the mobile to desktop usage ratios on some of my clients sites at almost 1:1.  Having a website that displays properly on an iPhone, and Android phone, or a Windows phone is now an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

Responsive Web Design is Hard

Writing the code, using cascading style sheets, to render a website properly on the device the user has at hand is hard.  The array of screen sizes keeps growing and screen resolutions are anything but standard.  Writing code for each screen size, once practical, is now impossible.

WordPress Makes Mobile Easy

Fortunately, WordPress developers and theme designers have made the life of a website developer much easier by building a number of responsive themes and writing standard code in the WordPress engine to aid in the presentation of websites, no matter the screen. Netnotic Marketing is a huge fan of WordPress, and the many options to choose from, when delivering a responsive website to one of our clients, is one of the many reasons.