Why Love WordPress?

Why Love WordPress?

Because it works!  WordPress started as a purely blogging platform, then evolved so that additional "static pages" could be added, then custom home pages and menus, and .... the list went on. Content Management Systems have become increasingly powerful over the past several years, and increasingly flexible.  With literally thousands of developers, and millions of website users, WordPress is definitely a tried and tested system. Now websites built on the WordPress platform have a library of plug-ins to choose from to extend the functionality and thousands of themes to choose from.  With thousands of themes to choose from, you have options of starting with a free theme or, as we recommend, dishing out the $50 to $100 for a premium theme that will offer more features built in. With a world-wide base of users, WordPress has been tested in every environment and each WordPress update (free) helps to improve the product.

WordPress Makes Mobile Easy

Many WordPress themes, both free and premium, are built on the principle of responsive design.  That is, as the device used to view the website changes, the website format and layout adjusts to the screen size.  This is built in, one of the many reasons why we love WordPress.

How Hard is WordPress?

That's definitely a future topic for this blog.  For now, it's fair to say that you want to have your WordPress site set up by someone who has done it before, but then most of the day to day management can be handed off to a non-technical person.  Sure, a little bit of html and css knowledge would be handy, but 90% of content management can be handled without any technical or programming knowledge.