Moving at the Speed of the Customer
Sometimes you get the customer who seems to be in a manic state about everything, hurry, hurry, hurry, and Bam! you're done.  Sometimes the opposite, a customer who moves at a snails pace, or seems to be going backwards.  When it comes to working with a vast array of customers, one must be ready to adapt to their pace. Without naming names (he might be reading this) I have a client that works like the Internet is on fire and he has to get it all before it burns up, then, Skreeeeech! FULL STOP!  We wait while he takes care of other business, then full speed ahead again. Many customers are able to work at a steady pace.  These are the easy ones, but, I must admit, some of the others can be more entertaining. Regardless, as a consultant agency, we have learned to be patient with those that are behind on delivering the content to us, and to sprint along side those that only have one speed.  Recently I was waiting for a password from one client (the inspiration for this article), for 3 months.  I would see him away from the office, at sporting events and social events, and we would discuss the current web project, with a sense of urgency.  Then I'd wait for the code to be sent by email or text, and wait. Fast or Slow, if you are in the service business, remember that your customers are writing the checks so it's the pace of their business that determines the pace of yours.