What is Marketing Automation
A user visits your website, reads a few articles on a topic they are interested in, then completes a form to request more information.  The request is immediately fulfilled.  After a week they are sent a follow up email and, by clicking a link, they return to your website and request a free consultation to discuss their needs and your product/service offerings. Marketing Automation can make all the above happen, automatically, up to the point where the user now want to speak with a member of your business. Marketing Automation works by applying a predetermined set of activities to a number of possible interactions with a user on your website.  The activities remove the need for human interaction on your end while still providing the valuable content or performing the required actions for the website visitor.  The paths that the visitor can follow may be laid out by you, but the pace is mostly at the discretion of the visitor, and may occur over the course of several minutes, several hours, several weeks or even months. More Information regarding Marketing Automation is available on our webpages.