Social Media is Evil
Is that a bit of a provocative headline?  Yes, I agree, Social Media is Evil is definitely something that will catch the ire of a few readers.Social Media is Evil Is Social Media really evil?  Depends on your definition.  I had a customer utter the exact phrase recently, which was the catalyst for this article.  His rationale, "I spend so much time on social media, asking customer questions, responding to requests, I can't get to the rest of my work".  Hmmm..... is it a matter of priorities? Seems to me customers and potential customers are the reasons that a company exists, and why we have Sales Teams and Marketing Departments. If you define social media as a time sucker, as an inconvenience in your day, then yes, Social Media is Evil.  If you reverse the thinking here and define social media as a chance to interact with your customer and prospects, those interested in your brand, then Social Media is a channel to market, an opportunity to share, to learn and to nurture your market. What do you choose to do with Social Media?