Too Much SEO

How Much SEO is Too Much?

Can you be over-optimized for SEO?  The answer is a simple yes.  Maybe a year and half ago that answer would have been no.  But, with Panda and Penguin algorithm updates by Google, the practice of cramming keywords into every inch of available space on your website no longer brings the Google response you want.  In old practices, using every available opportunity to insert your keyword, often cramming in keywords with mind-numbing density, in such a way that the actual readability suffers, has produced good rankings.  But at what cost.  Imagine high volumes of traffic to your website with high abandonment rates, and no one converting?  have you done your as a digital marketer?  I would argue no, conversions and leads are a better measure, and pure traffic volume is just one of the indicators of activity.

Most Important SEO Elements

Content, content, content.  Like in real estate, where it's location, location, location.  SEO has it's own top three.  But there are other important elements.  Content is the most important, but it's not all there is.  According to Smart Whistle SEO, there are a number of "SEO assets" on your web pages that help Google and Bing and other search engines gain valuable information about the content on your pages, and to properly index and rank your pages.  Two of the most important assets are the page URL and the page title.  Ensure these match with the main topic of your page, and make sure your primary keyword appears in these elements.  Next are your H1 and H2 headings,  These should guide the user to the main topic headings and provide guidance to search engines regarding your content.  Lastly, where possible, name your main page images using keyword matching and also include them in the image alt and title tags.

Too Much SEO

You will know when you are focusing too much on SEO when you start to make decisions exclusively about keywords, changing words in your text and altering sentence structure, at the expense of the meaning and value of the content.  When you reach that point, stop, go back and re-write with the audience in mind.  Search engines are now tuned to work better with natural language copy than with an attempt to key a magic keyword density. To get a free report on how your SEO efforts are working, Netnotic Marketing will provide you a free keyword ranking report.

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