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Digital Marketing Planning

Digital Marketing Planning is the process of considering all your online channels within the context of your overall marketing plan and then deciding what actions to take. For most companies, their website is the hub of their digital marketing plan with other channels branching off and pointing users back to the website. These other channels include social media, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, blogs, and all off-line marketing activities. A survey by Google in 2009 revealed that 92% of customers will research a company or a product online before making a significant purchase. If your online channels are less than impressive, no matter how good your product, how does that influence the purchase? Obviously it drives down purchase behaviour.

In developing a Digital Marketing Plan, resources are a key consideration, both monetary resources and human resources. It has been said that "Social Media is free, if your time is free". A proper Digital Marketing Plan should consist of:

  • Review/Set Marketing Goals and Objectives
  • Needs Assesment
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Digital Channel Marketing Plan
  • Implememtation Plan
  • Technology Plan
  • Content Plan
  • Resource Allocation
  • Review Cycle

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