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p: 306.371.4595

Saskatoon Search Marketing

When we started in the online business, in 1995, it was enough to have a website. We made our first sale within 3 days of going online, a whopping $15! You didn’t need a good website, just a website, and you made money. Now the sophistication of the world drives the need to have your website performing at a top level. Your competition may not be the business next door, or in the next town anymore. It can be based anywhere in the world. This is also your opportunity to reach further than you have ever reached before.

Who are Your Customers?

Whether you are choosing to compete globally or locally, a properly "tuned" website can greatly improve your chances of being seen by your customers and being on their computer screen when they search for suppliers. Traditional advertising methods are losing momentum while the internet becomes the shopping tool of choice for billions of people. A recent stat from Google reported that 95% of people making a significant purchase check the company website before they call or visit in person.

Where we fit in.

At Netnotic Marketing, we apply our expertise so that you can apply yours. We specialize in getting websites properly constructed so that they appear in the highest possible position in search engine rankings. This is search engine optimization or web site optimization. Think of it as giving you more people to talk to by getting more free traffic to your website, getting considered as a supplier or business partner more often.

See our own sample search term SEO rankings.

How we do what we do.

Beyond the look of a website, the graphics, the color scheme, the layout and navigation, is where we earn our keep. Most of the work we do is making sure the "behind the scenes" work on a website is properly taken care of. Search Engine Optimization requires tremendous attention to detail in the specific areas of meta tags, keyword content, and content placement. The key to all of this is the careful selection and crafting of search terms and keywords. We take a page by page approach to web site optimization, that is, we believe we can help you accomplish your online marketing goals by dealing with the details which create a stronger site.

How we work with you to optimize your online marketing.

We will begin with a customer interview when we will gather information on:
  • business description
  • customer targeting
  • service offering
  • SWOT analysis (basic)
  • review of existing marketing (online and offline)

We will perform our leading search term scouting which produces:

  • keyword selection process
  • baseline measurements
  • visits, views
  • leads
  • Google search ranking for selected keywords
  • competitive analysis

We will prepare an optimization action plan to include:

  • on page optimization
  • technical analysis
  • off page optimization, linking strategy

Our payment schedule is based on reaching your objectives:

  • the retainer fee for initial consultation, analysis, recommendations, and action strategy to get us started
  • traffic increase payments from search engines over 3 months

Bonus features we will include in the project are:

  • Google Webmaster account set up to monitor site status
  • Google Analytics account to track results from all sources including search traffic

We already have a website, how does Netnotic Marketing help?

Existing websites are our favorite search engine optimization challenge. We love to show how we can take an existing site and help turbo charging the performance on search engines. If you like the current design and function of your site, we have no need to make drastic changes. The work we do on the wiring behind the scenes will generate noticeable improvements and bring traffic you want to your site.

Why does my website need to be optimized?

Search Engines use a search algorithm that reference pieces of information on your website. When an internet user searches for a word, phrase or term, search engines use their algorithm to determine what pages and what sites to show them in the search results and in what order. The sites that the search engines feel are most relevant and most important are shown at the top of the list. The process of search engine optimization convinces the search engines to position your website at or near the top of the listing of search results. By knowing what elements of a website to manage, Netnotic Marketing helps your site appear more attractive to search engines.

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