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Mobile Website Design

Do you need to take your website mobile? With web enabled phones now becoming the standard, the use of the phone to search and find business information is growing rapidly. In fact, most analysts project that wireless web will the top growing segment in online marketing for the next 5 years. A recent study of website traffic across a wide spectrum of industry websites revealed that 10% of all website visits were from mobile devices, ranging from a low of 5% to a high of 23%. Interestingly, none of these sites were yet mobile enabled at the time of the study.

A mobile website is not just your regular site shrunk down. Deciding what to include and what not to include on your mobile site takes careful planning and careful decision making. Then, preparing the site to display properly on the wide array of mobile devices requires precise coding, to fit the screens of tablets and phones, and the traditional desktop.

Mobile Site or Mobile App?

Both mobile websites and mobile apps have their place. We can help you decide whish one is best suited for you business. Will your customers go to a mobile marketplace (such as the iStore or Blackberry World) to download your app for future use or will they search for you from their phone when they have a specific need? A recent study has shown 57% of smartphone users have heavy search engine usage, and this leads to action. 51% call and 52% visit a business after conducting a search.

Most businesses do not have a mobile enabled website, yet, but many have it on their marketing plans for the near term.

What we do?

First we will help you plan out a mobile web strategy. Then we will help you choose the right technology, including the mobile app vs mobile site decision. If a mobile app is the right way to go, we are partnered with several of the most experienced mobile app developers in the market. For your mobile site development, we will take you through our decision and planning process to arrive at a mobile site design and content strategy, then we perform the work to make your site mobile ready.

Responsive Web Design

At Netnotic Marketing, we use what is know as reponsive website design. This means that the website responds to the device used to view the site. The display size, format, orientation, and the site content, respond to the user's technology. This is accomplished mostly through the use of custom style sheets.

Mobile Web Costs

It is impossible to just throw down a price and say a mobile website will cost $xyz. All projects differ in the scope and complexity. We will provide you an upfront price and a documented set of deliverables and we will stick to it, providing you the best mobile site for your business.

We can take both your existing website and prepare a mobile version or we can incorporate mobile site development into our standard new website development packages.

If you are ready to get started with mobile website design we are ready to help your business grow.

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