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Netnotic Digital Marketing Customer Portfolio

We have choosen to profile a wide range of both customer industries as well as the project work that we have done, ranging from purely SEO activities to concept-to-completion (and beyond) website development. We are proud of the work we have done to help make our customer's websites better in any way they need us.

Sask Art

Sask Art is operated by the Saskatchewan Professional Art Galleries Association (SPAGA) and brings together the leading art galleries of Saskatchewan. SPAGA wanted to increase thier online pressence and hired Netnotic Marketing to perform and implement an SEO project for their site. Our focus was to bring an increased amount of search engine traffic to the site both for the purpose of leading to the individual galleries as well as to provide access to the art buying advice content on the site.

FrontLine Railcar Repair

Frontline Railcar Repair offers a specialty service, repairing rail cars for the potash industry in Canada. Located in Saskatoon and operating 3 location accross the country, Frontline needed a website to let potential customers know about their services. We sat down with Frontline and walked through the steps of website development from content gathering to presentation and then helped execute the website development plan and launch a new website.

RonLypchuk Realty

With the realization that the home buying market is increasingly starting their search online, including the search for a trusted realtor, Ron Lypchuk Realty in Prince Albert has turned to Netnotic Marketing to help improve their presence with Search Engine Optimization. The Lypchuk Selling Team provides realtor services for clients looking to buy homes and sell homes in Prince Albert and surrounding area.

Midwest Eye Care Institute

Midwest Eye Care Institute has jumped into the digital marketing arena with both, with a new website, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The initial efforts have proven fruitful with a website that features great content, very informative, and very weell read by the visitors to the site. To take the next step, they brought us in to launch both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads Campaings and to performa a site audit to uncover opportunities for improving their online marketing efforts. As soon as the campaigns launched, traffic immediately began to increase. We will be continuing to work with Midwest to implement changes based on our recommendations to their online marketing program.

Sunseekers Vacations

We met with Sunseekers Vacations to discuss how to turn up the amount of qualified traffic coming to their website. The site had enjoyed strong traffic for years but recent competitive changes in the industry had shrunk the amount of incoming customer traffic. With urgency in mind and the summer selling season approaching we developed a Google AdWords campaign to attract traffic from a specific geographic region where Sunseekers Vacations has been highly successful in the past. As soon as the campaign launched, traffic immediately began to increase.


Webhail is an online Hail Insurance sales site for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Needing a boost in traffic, Webhail turned to Netnotic Marketing to launch a Google AdWords campaign for the duration of the selling season. The campaign was designed to target traffic only from the crop production regions of the Canadian prairies so as to maximize the likelihood of qualified traffic. As the insurance industry turns to increasing the delivery of services online, Webhail is leading the way with their complete online hail insurance quote and purchase service.

Agassiz Outfitters

Through our S3 Outdoors Marketing division we specialize in providing online marketing strategy, web management, and web design to the outdoors industry. For Agassiz Outfittes we manage their custom themed Word Press site including content management and ongoing SEO activities. Initially when this client came to us there were a number of compnents of the site taht were not functining properly. We fixed all the broken pieces and got their website back to 100% operational. This customer is very good at providing fresh content from their hunting and fishing activities so frequent updates to their site go a long wa y in helping their SEO rankings.

AR Williams Material Handling

As the leader in materials handling equipmemt in Western Canada, including forklift safety training, forklift rentals, sales of new and used lift equipment and service, AR Williams needed a website to help fuel their company growth as a significant component of their overall marekting program. Nwetnotic Marketing partnered with Deep Dish Digital to provide both Search Engine Optimization consulting as well as a Google AdWords pay per click campaign to drive traffic to a website development project. Within a three week period we combined to complete the keyword research, SEO recommendations, and implement the online advertising campaign. We tracked the changes to the website while AR Wiliams tracked the increases to their inbound call volume. During the initial period of the campaign, their training and rentals business increased by 50% so AR Williams has decided to extend the campaign.

New Agco

New Agco is a producer of generic herbicides with a number of registration for agricultural chemicals which have made it to the market beginning in 2009. With several registration about to be granted, New Agco contacted Netnotic Marketing to develop and bring to market a website to support their marketing and distribution plan. The site was built to focus on the present product line but also to scale up to future product line additions. The site was built to enable the members of New Agco to upload, edit and add content to the site on their own, quickly and efficiently.

North Prairie Development - Little Tuscany Project

North Prairie is a leading real estate development company in Saskatoon and has recently completed the Little Tuscany project in the Stonebridge area of Saskatoon. Meshy Communication teamed up with Netnotic Marketing to bring more customer traffic and more interested buyers to the Little Tuscany site through additional website development and a Google AdWords campaign. Early results indicate that website traffic has doubled and then some thanks to the cmapaign targeting the intended purchasers of new condominiums, townhouses, and single family homes in Saskatoon.

Blue Goose Biorefineries and Nano-Green Biorefineries and

This company uses the world's most advanced process and technology for the conversion of  carbon-based biomass into high-value, in-demand market commodities. We took over the companies two sister websites to help them advance their pressence online, freeing their resources to concentrate on growing their very promising business.

North American Hockey Classic

This is a very high profile spring hockey tournament held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in May every year. Teams involved in this tournament come from all over Canada and the USA as well as several European teams. We have developed this site through our sports marketing division (Sonntag Sports). Included in the site is an entire back end administrtion system allowing the customer to control all the schedules, all the hotel lists, areana information, and a complete stats package for the tournament. Site visitors can register their team for the tournament, upload team logos, team rosters, hotel rommig lists, view schedules, view tournament results and standings, and stats for teams and individual players. The tournament's old web system was limited in functionality but now features such as immediate stats updates are available. Tournament schedules can be uploaded in batch format via an excel spreadsheet or individually managed game by game within the user interface.

Manitoba Lightning

This is a very high profile spring hockey tournament held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in May every year. We have developed this site through our sports marketing division (Sonntag Sports). Included in the site is an entire back end administrtion system allowing the customer to control all the schedules, all the hotel lists, areana information, and a complete stats package for the tournament. Site visitors can register their team for the tournament, upload team logos, team rosters, hotel rommig lists, view schedules, view tournament results and standings, and stats for teams and individual players. The tournament's old web system was limited in functionality but now features such as immediate stats updates are available. Tournament schedules can be uploaded in batch format via an excel spreadsheet or individually managed game by game within the user interface.

Access Communications

We worked with Access Communications, providing SEO consultation, to help make them the #1 provider of Cable TV, Digital TV, High Speed Internet, Home Phone and Security. Access communications had an interesting challenge, a standard set of product offerings for home and business, with a need to promote them to a large number of communities in Saskatchewan. We helped them take a very localized approach to Search Engine Optimization to key in on the geographic preferences search engines use in their serach algorithms to dramitically enhance their search results.

Saskatoon Business College

To continue atttracting students and growing their business we have provided AdWords Consultation to Saskatoon Business College. As a Google AdWords Certified Advertising Professional, we have been able to work with the client to optimize the campaign, increasing the amount of qualified traffic without raising the budgeted marketing spend.

Rayner Agencies

Rayner Agencies provides personal, automotive, household and commercial insurance to it's Saskatoon area customers. Netnotic Marketing has assisted Rayner Agencies with improving the organic search results of their website through Search Engine optimization consisting of extensive keyword research and a step by step implementation plan based on local search marketing optimization techniques. In addition to the on-page SEO work, we have also provided the technical assistance to create a YouTube channel and populate it with a selection of promotional videos, all re-branded with the Rayner Agencies logo and website.

Lexis Homes of Saskatoon - Saskatoon Custom Home Builder

Lexis Homes is Saskatoon's leading contractor for custom home design. Their unique approach to building your modern home in Saskatoon will ensure that your home is styled for your tastes and your family. As custom home builders, they begin our home designs with the customer. You wont find Lexis Homes popping up cookie cutter home designs. As custom home builders, we focus on quality, distinctive style, stunning functionality, and the customer wow factor.

Netnotic Marketing has worked with Lexis Homes to help position the website so that internet searchers seeking a depature form the standard home builder, looking for the unique and personal features, wioll find In addition to the on-page SEO work, we have helped them optimize their video listings on YouTube and built an external linking strategy.

Lexis Homes delivers your MODERN life STYLED.

Windecor Windows of Saskatoon - Saskatoon Windows, Door, and Decor

Windecor was outgrowing their previous website design and wanted a site with more flexibility, that reflected their new branding, and provided a number of back office services to their staff. Netnotic Marketing worked with Windecor to develop a new site design and layout, based on their needs now and in the future. Content from the previous site was imported to the new site and new pages to support the growth of their business were added. To aid the install team, a password protected install gallery was built which allows them to upload images and comments on install jobs and serves a source of reference for future installs and even as before/after images to shhow to their customers. To aid in their marketing efforts, all website enquiries through the quote request and general request forms are stored in a database and a customer newsletter template was built to allow Windecor to quickly and easily send an email message or pass along their newset blog posts and customer testimonials.

Rath Consulting Inc. - Generic Crop Protection

With an increasing number of branded crop protection formulations passing their patent deadlines, the market for generic crop protection products, such as pesticides and herbicides, is growing. Rath Consulting Inc. assists new ventures in bringing generic crop protection to the agricultural marketplace, helping farmers lower their costs of production. With a worldwide marketplace, Rath Consulting needed a means of communicating its services to potential customers accross the globe. Netnotic Marketing developed their website from start to finish and launched inside a 2 week timeline. Rath Consulting has commented that the website is a great tool to quickly help their clients accross the world see the value and range of their services in crop protection registrations.

The Other Saskatoon RV Sale

A partnership of Saskatoon RV Dealers needed a website to promote their huge indoor winter sale. Although only a single page "brochure" style site, it features an impressive image rotation and a Google Map link to make it easy for customers to find the location.

Classified Outdoors is your place to buy and sell outdoors gear such as camping equipment, hunting gear and fishing tackle. The site offers a free classified ad posting as well as premium ad to get your stuff listed at the top of the category. Hunting Outfitters and Fishing Guides can list themselves on the site as well to raise their profile among the outdoor enthusiasts who will be visiting the site.

PR Tox Consulting Inc. - Toxicology Consulting

PR Tox Consulting Incorporates scientifically based evidence in the advancement of to further protect public and business interests so the health of humans and the environment are not jeopardized. PR Tox has a growing market for their services and an increasing need to succintly describe the unique and valuable services they are able to offer. We built their website from a set of hand drawn sketches and the clients own branding artwork. Included in the client requirements was the ability to edit/add/change the content on a frequent basis. The site was built to be database driven with a simple content management interface to edit on the fly. As well, a contact database was created so that all visitor inquiries are captured and stored for future reference or for use in email/mailing marketing campaigns.

Pic A Tic

Pic A Tic for Event Tickets Online Registration

Pic A Tic has aggressive growth aspirations to reach the marketplace across North America. As one of the premier online event registration providers, Pic A Tic has been very successful and knows that their key to growth is to attracting customers from a wider geography. They engaged Netnotic Marketing to help them with the Search Engine Optimization and to redefine their Google AdWords campaign, with propoer goal tracking and conversions tracking in place, to better understand their ROI on dollars invested. Pic A Tic had already done some primary research on choosing successful keywords and had partially implemented them within their site. Netnotic Marketing has helped with further research, to verify existing keywords, and to discover additional high potential keywords, and to assist Pic A Tic in the implementation of these into search optimized website pages. The project, from initial meeting to implementation has taken place over the course of three weeks and resulted in growing traffic from the start of implementation and onward. The AdWords campaign has served to generate an immediate traffic growth while the SEO work is increasing the ranking and free traffic from highly valuable improvements in search engine results.

College Mobile

College Mobile - Mobile Web Application Development

College Mobile is an extremely interesting project as it is a company with tremendous market potential in an emerging market segment, mobile web application deveopment. Already having launched a successful product with Mobilversity, the company has two markets, extending the web site centric applications to mobile devices for Universities, and for private corporations. With a tremendous amount of technical ability, the company turned to Netnotic Marketing for their experience in SEO research and implementation to helpo them get a running start. As a young company (less than one year old at time of SEO project initiation) in a new market, establishing a leading pressence on the web search engines will give them early mover advantages and postition them for the well anticipated demand cycle as the market needs grow rapidly. At Netnotic Marketing, we helped take generic definitions of the products they offer and use long tail search engine keyword optimization to narrowly define and target their market through aggressive Google AdWords and SEO.

JB Black Estates - Saskatoon Luxury Condominiums

We partnered up with Rivet Consulting to transform the JB Black Estates website from a single page 100% Flash site to a dynamic integration of Flash and HTML. The previous version of the site had almost zero serach engine relevant content. The only visitors to the site came from direct traffic, meaning the site was entirely dependant on offline marketing to bring traffic to the website and was foregoing any organic search traffic. As a result, the traffic stats were very low. For a company wanting to pre-sell their high end condominiums, this was not good enough. We re-structured the site, basing the presentation on Flash but also making the content available to search engines to gain more free traffic. After extensive keyword research, the content was built to be user friendly and also to appeal the best intents of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The end result is a beautiful and visually powerful website with great search traffic and improved performance. Using Google Analytics to measure the traffic growth trend, the site has increased visitors by 125%.

Kehoe RV

Kehoe RV is a leading dealer of RVs based in Saskatoon offering top of the line new and used motorhomes, travel trailers, tent trailers, and 5th wheel trailers. The site was in need of a fresh new design and they wanted to add some additional features to the site to make it more dynamic. The site has been serving Kehoe RV well over the years since it was launched in 2004. The new goal of a new design was to give it a more modern look and new features to allow Kehoe RV to create their own product feature highlight videos and post them on their site.

The Kehoe RV site perfomed well in searches for a number of terms, and not well for a few other key search terms. In our rebuild of the site, we worked through our SEO analysis model and optimized the site's pages to maintain the good performance and improve the ranking on selected terms. The end result is more search engine generated traffic and more sales opportunities for Kehoe RV.

ChoiceTel Networks - Saskatchwan Business Communications

ChoiceTel Networks is proud to have serviced Saskatchewan and all of Western Canada for almost 20 years. ChoiceTel is a major supplier of high quality telecommunications equipment featuring products from Mitel, NEC, Vertical, Nortel Networks, Plantronics, HP, and IBM. They specialize in end to end communication solutions that are tailor made for their customers.

Netnotic Marketing partnered with Clear Cloud Internet Solutions to bring improvements to their website. We took a research approach to Search Engine Optimization and reworked both the site's meta tags and portions of the content to improve the rankings in search engines. From the initial analysis the site only ranked in the top of search engine results for keywords and phrases closely associtated with the company name. Shortly after implemenation we had already achieved 5 keyword phrases ranking on Google's 1st page. Traffic has on the site has also shown a trend upwards and the results show a 90% increase in website visitors..

Saskatoon Yellow Jackets - Yellow Jackets Baseball

The Yellow Jackets are members of the Western Major Baseball League. As their business continues to eveolve they determined a need to have their website managed by an outside consultant to ensure that the professionalism was maintained and the content remained up to date. The site is maintained through our Sonntag Sports Management division.

Orca Health Care - Walk In Bathtubs Walk In Showers

Orca Health Care is a leading provider of accessible bathing products such as walk in showers and walk in bath tubs based out of Vancouver, B.C.. Online Marketing is an important aspect of the company total marketing mix and they wished to improve the performance of their website. They were already achieving good success rates from a Google AdWords campaign with numerous leads and multiple sales coming from the program. They wanted to maximize the value of the keywords that were working in the Google AdWords campaign and contacted Netnotic Marketing to help optimize their website to gain this same traffic through organic search results, multiplying their efficiency and sales leads. Netnotic Marketing worked hand in hand with Orca Health Care to research, plan, and implement a Search Engine Optimiation strategy and the result has been continued strong growth for the company.

Prairie Rose Outfitters - Saskatchewan Snow Goose Hunting

Built by our sister company,, this site positions Prairie Rose Outfitters as the premier destination for hunting waterfowl in Saskatchewan. Prairie Rose Outfitters and have been working together for over 10 years. Craig Rath of Prairie Rose Outfitters states "I have so much interest from the web site that I am now expanding to handle the customer waiting list".

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