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Rebranding Sonntag Search Marketing

Date: 2011-06-22

We are working fast and furious to get everything in place with as our re-brand of Sonntag Search Marketing.

Why rebrand?  First of all, Sonntag Search Marketing sounded a little bit bland.  Secondly, the term search marketing in the company name seemed to be limiting us in other areas of our business.  Many people we talked to were suprised when we told them we did website design.  "I thought you guys were just search marketing and SEO", was a statement I had heard enough to know we needed to re-brand.

So, the movement to Netnotic Marketing is underway.  Sonntag Search Marketing still exists, for now, as we convert to the new name, new brand, new look, and of course, increased service offering.  Over half of our business is alrady in web design so this is a move that is just a natural occurance, a reflection of what we actually are.

By: Galen Sonntag

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