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Partner for Better Service

Date: 2011-10-27

I recently had a conversation with a customer that led to a project that quite honestly I can't handle myself.  The technical aspects of the project, yes, I can manage these.  The website design and SEO, sure.  But there is a significant video component and social media integration that I know can be managed better by others.  Did I turn the project down?  Of course not, instead, I brought in the experts to help manage the project and add their particular areas of expertise to the customer's advantage.  See my page on Partners (in the left hand menu).

I beleive strongly in leveraging the strengths of your friends, associates, partners and even competitors when it makes business sense for all of you.  I this case, the people I have brought into the project could all be considered competition to me, as our services certainly overlap.  Any one of us could be the lead on this project.  However, my company is much stronger being able to call on experienced talent such as this.

As I say on the Partners page, the benefit to the client is substantial, and the reward to all of us will be another successful project.  But a word of caution, choose your partners carefully.  Make sure you know the quality of their work, and make sure they understand their role in the project.  If you are the driver, stay in the driver's seat so that you all follow the same road.

By: Galen

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