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Keyword Matching Game

Date: 2011-06-28

One successful approach to SEO is to play the keyword matching game

Matching Keywords
Include your main keywords within your file name, title, image file names, image attributes, headings, and content.  By matching keywords across a wide range of page elements such as this, it is obvious to the search engines what the main theme or content of your page is.  Here's the caution, avoid the temptation to over use the keywords.  When you write your page copy, ensure you use the main keywords in the early portion of your copy, and again in the last portion of your copy.  Depending on how long your copy is, do not jam it full of the same keywords in every sentence.  It needs to read naturally.  Make it useful content, not just for the search engines, but for the human visitors to your page.

Use Broad Matching
When matching keywords across the various page elements, use a broad matching technique.  Broad matching is not exact matching.  The keyword phrase does not need to be exaxtly the same, the same words in exactly the same order.  You can alter the order the words appear and use word variations such as plurals.  A quick example may help.  Let's use the phrase "walleye fishing lure" as our primary keyword.  Variations used on different page elements could include "walleye fishing lures picture", "fishing lures for walleye", "fishing lure walleye", "walleye fishing lures".  Most people, when searching on search engines, use the default broad matching technique so the combination of words will be highly effective.

Keywords in Images
When matching keywords in your image alt attributes, do not simply repeat the same keyword phrase for every image.  Use variations.  Twenty images on the same page with the same alt atttribute seems suspicious, don't you think?  Search engines will think it is.  Keep in mind that the file name of your image is an opportunity to highlight your keywords as well.  An image named IMG2340-934.jpg has little relevance or meaning to anything other than a sequential numbering scheme for a digital camera.  Take the time to rename your image to something more descriptive and perhaps even memorable.  Using our keyword theme above, "walleye-fishing-lure-001.jpg" and  "walleye-fishing-lure-002.jpg" are appropriate names, as is "fishing-lure-for-lunker-walleyes.jpg".  Avoid spaces in your file names, use the dash or underscore to separate words.

The matching technique is a highly effective way to focus the search engines on the keyword theme of your page.

By: Galen Sonntag

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