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Outdoors Websites Development and Management

We do a lot of work with outdoors websites.  More accurately, we choose to do a lot of work with outdoors websites.  This includes websites for hunting outfitters and fishing lodges as well as being the marketing resource for the Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters.  To begin with, we are outdoorsmen, and we are marketers, so the combination only makes sense.  We have fished countless lakes in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  We have hunted countless fields in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Outfitters and Lodges are our favorite customers.  We tend to understand the content and the target market better than most other digital marketing agencies and therefore we tend to do a better job of helping them attract qualified traffic to their sites.

Marketing Services Offered

  • Complete Digital Marketing Plan
  • Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Website Develompent
  • Website Analytics
  • Google Web Stories Development

Outdoors Website Development

We have been developing outdoors websites since before the turn of the century.  Yes, that makes us sound old, we prefer the term experienced.  Along with this experience we believe comes the wisdom that we must stay modern with design tools and techniques.  We work with many web platforms, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and have even worked with some of "the ancients" such as Drupal and Joomla.  If you are a hunting outfitter or a fishing lodge and are in need of a modern, mobile friendly, search traffic generating website, give us a call.

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Outdoors Website Management

We don't stop at website development and simply hand over the site and wish you good luck.  We know your business changes, with the world environment, recently with border closures and openings, with the seasons.  Along with these changes, comes changes in your workload, running your business, and changes required to your website.  Maybe that is simple updates to content such as announcements or open dates for bookings.  Maybe that is updating / adding to the image galleries.  We offer a number of Managed Website Services that we can tailor to fit you needs and help you out when you need us.

Outdoors Digital Marketing

Most often a website is just not enough for a well rounded digital marketing plan.  You have competition for your services, from your neighbours, from your friends in the industry, from the next province, and from other parts of the world.  Digital Marketing tactics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Advertising (Google Ads / Facebook Ads) can help you be seen when your next potential clients are searching online.  With over 20 years of experience managing SEO and digital advertising, we know how to get the most qualified traffic to your website, effectively and efficiently.


Much of your market is on social media and many times it is social media that they turn to to find a research hunting and fishing locations for their next trip.   Social media can be a burden, seemingly a time-sucker that is a stream of tire kickers and dead end leads.  The simple fact is yes, social media is not free, it will cost you your time and effort, but the good news is that all the weeds you will pull up as you cast out to social media, you will also pull out some lunker clients.  You just need to clean off the hook now and then to get ready to cast again.  We can help by advising you on making the most of your social media efforts.


We also understand that your most valuable customers are your own repeat customers.  We can help you craft a contact and retention plan to keep them engaged with you and returning to you next year.

Google Web Stories Development

One of the newest website content formats available comes direct from the development team at Google.  These stories are optimized for display on mobile phones, the fastest growing content consumption devices on the Internet.  Google Web Stories is a familiar content style, think of it as similar to social media platforms such as Instagram Stories, except these come with a huge added benefit of being content housed on your own website.  And guess what? Google developed the concept and Google loves itself so Google has a special place in the search results reserved, on the first page!  We have developed or are in the works of developing several dozen Google Web Stories for our clients.  Another huge reason to consider these, you can be among the first in your industry to use these and gain all the first mover advantage.

Story content can be a mix of images, text, video, audio, and animations.  Google Web Stories adds motion, page turning anticipation, and wraps it in an easy to consume package.

How to Use Google Web Stories

  • Customer Testimonials Brought to Life
  • Your Camp History or About Us Story
  • Virtual Tour of your Camp, Your Island, Your Hunting Territory
  • Host Welcome
  • Upgrades and Improvements to Your Lodge/Camp

View a Sample Google Web Story

Cree River Lodge 2021 Fishing Trip - Sample Outdoors Web Story

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