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How Does Google Ads Work

The most common use of Google Ads is a format called Text Ads, ads that appear in the search results page when a user searches for a topic on or  The search results page is the listing offered by a Google that they feel most closely matches your search intent and the ads that are shown along with the organic (non-ad) results are those that they feel best suit the search intent as well.  Thus, the addition of search ads to the search results increases the number of options a user has to select the content best matched to their search.

Your ads may appear in a number of different ways on a number of different devices. When users perform a search query on Google, at the top of the listings, or the bottom, and sometimes on the right hand side, is where 1 to several ads may appear. These are ads which are matched to the keywords of the search term. Google also makes use of the Google Display Network which places ads on content relevant websites. These ads can take the format of image ads, including various sizes. When users click on the ads, they are taken to the page specified by the advertiser. A fee is charged to the advertiser by Google. The Pay-Per-Click model of advertising means that the advertiser is only charged when a user clicks on the ad. If the ad is only viewed there is no charge to the advertiser. Thus, every dollar spent on advertising is spent driving traffic to your website. Not just taking up space on a website. Google Ads is truly a pay for performance system.

Google Ads are built to connect with customers when they are actively searching for what your business offers.


Google Ads and Marketing Reach

Google helps you reach consumers in a relevant, accountable way. Reach the audiences that matter most to your business. More than 200 million people use the Internet in North America. Google's network reaches well over 90% of these potential customers. You can target potential customers by neighbourhood, city, state, or country. Google Ads is available in 38 different languages and 250 countries.

Return on Investment (ROI)

More than any other form of advertising investment, Google Ads provides you performance date to measure and improve your return on investment. You will have immediate access to a range of helpful online tracking tools so you can understand what's working, what's not, and which adjustments you can make to maximize your investment. It costs nothing to develop Google Ads ads and there's no minimum spend. You only pay when consumers click on your ad to go to your site. You can adjust, pause, or stop your campaigns at any time. If you're ready to find out how we can kick start your lead generation campaign.

Google Ads Certified Professional

Galen Sonntag of Netnotic Marketing Inc. is a Google Certified Ads Professional (click to see certificate). This certification requires the completion of a rigorous process where competence in using and managing the Google Ads advertising program must be demonstrated, including passing several exams.


Google Ads Relevance

Ad campaigns are built to connect with consumers when it's relevant.  Ads are shown to potential customers when they're actively searching for what businesses like yours have to offer. Your ads are being displayed when decisions are being made. Of consumers making in-store purchases in key categories, 89% have conducted online research prior to purchase.

Our Digital Marketing Packages

Check out our new Digital Marketing Packages offering a combination of local search optimization plus Digital Advertising using Google Ads and Facebook.  These packages were developed for small and medium sizes businesses to take advantage of the outstanding return on investment that digital marketing can provide. You may have heard of Google Ads, or you may have heard of Google AdWords. Google Ads is the new name for Google AdWords. So if you have heard of either and looking for some help getting started, or help getting your campaigns running better, you are in the right place.


Hiring Netnotic Marketing for Account Management

Search engine marketing campaigns allow you to effectively target customers searching for products and services that you offer. But managing an online marketing campaign can require close attention and diligence. A qualified professional has experience and proficiency in creating Google Ads campaigns for businesses, so we can save you time and resources by managing your campaign for you.

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Google Ads Management for Saskatoon

Saskatoon clients have been benefitting from outsourcing their Google Ads management to Netnotic Marketing.  While the majority of our clients are from Saskatoon and the surrounding area, we are able to work with remote clients in virtually any location.  Discussions via phone, video conference, screen sharing, email, and text result in being able to work with businesses anywhere.

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