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Data Driven Marketing

Digital marketing planning relies on data to prove or disprove a number of thoughts, ideas, and concepts.  There is usually a cycle of idea generation followed by analysis, a cycle that can repeat itself numerous time to test out these potential marketing strategy elements.  Digital marketing is also a part of it's own repeat cycle.  Once you have your first marketing strategy in implementation, you should have a regular, periodic schedule of reviewing your results, comparing to expectations, and making adjustments. 

Properly using, and understanding your website data can:

    • reveal new search terms
    • prioritize your Search Engine Optimization needs
  • identify geographic opportunities
  • determine your most popular online content
  • uncover growth opportunities
  • prioritize your Search Engine Optimization needs
  • provide the data for your decisions
  • help compare the value of your traffic sources

Google Analytics

 How well do you understand your website traffic patterns? We love data. Piles and piles of numbers. Does that make us geeks? Yes, it does. But, we are the right kind of geeks, the kind that can help you improve your website performance by understanding your data.


Key areas of analysis include:

    • site usage trends
  • visitor analysis and visitor segmentation
  • geographic breakdown of visitors
  • traffic sources split (organic, direct, referral)
  • top performing keywords
  • content (page views, downloads, bounce rates)
  • goal tracking (form completions, landing pages)



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Making Better Decisions

When you are asking the key questions, such as, "Am I getting the best results possible from my digital marketing investment?", you need data to provide useful insights. 
Setting up and using the right sources of data will allow you to see the results of your marketing efforts and your marketing investments.  For example, if you have invested in pay per click advertising, how well is that traffic engaging with your website.  If you are gaining well targeted traffic, you should have a low bounce rate, a high time on sight, and a high pages per session.  How does this compare with your organic traffic sources and referral traffic sources.  Once you attract users to your site, which traffic sources are converting into leads?
Being able to answer key questions like these, supported by data, helps you improve your marketing decisions, improving your results.
One of the key outputs of a digital marketing strategy planning process is to identify opportunities.  These are often hidden in the site traffic data.  Knowing what to look for, and where to look, is a key component of finding untapped potential and maximizing the resources of your company to strengthen your competitive advantage.

Powerful Free Data

We believe Google Analytics is the most useful and powerful website reporting tool available. We like it because it’s free but we love it because it gives us powerful data to help improve website performance. We recommend all of our customer’s install the Google Analytics tracking code on their sites. The interface gives the ability for viewers and administrators to track and review website performance. Want Google analytics? It’s easy to install. Want help, send us an email or give us a call (see top of page).

In short, you’ll have all the information you need about your website, including:

    • the number of people who visited your site
  • where they’re coming from
  • how long they stay
  • in which parts of the world your site is most popular
  • what searchers are looking for
  • which content wins the most attention

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