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A digital marketing strategy is a set of plans, ideas, concepts and schedules that describes how your company will use digital marketing technologies to attract and retain customers.  This includes making decisions and choosing actions regarding how your business will achieve its marketing goals via online channels like search and social media. Key decisions will be made regarding which online channels and digital marketing tactics you will use, plus how much you will invest in these channels and tactics.

By definition, Digital Marketing is a subset of your Marketing Plan, which is a subset of your Business Plan.  In a growing number of situations, the Digital Marketing Plan is now the largest component of a companies Marketing Plan, and in some cases, the entire plan is based on online media.  This is happening as other forms of media, print, radio, TV, signage, etc. are showing lower and lower Return on Investment.  One huge advantage of digital marketing practices is that the ability to track, measure, and attribute the investment to the return is usually quite strong.


The Digital Marketing Strategy, in addition to being a subset of the Business Strategy, must also be aligned with the strategy.  If the business strategy is to offer a highly differentiated product to a very defined user population, then the eventual digital tactics should be well aligned with delivering the value proposition to this specific market segment.  This will lead a different selection and use of the elements of digital marketing.


Our Digital Marketing Planning follows an Integrated Marketing Planning Model, a process that begins with analysis, exploration, and idea generation, and concludes with a strategy, and execution plan, and a resource budget.


When digital marketing follows a planned strategic approach, steadily improving results can be anticipated.

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Elements of Digital Marketing

When crafting a Digital Marketing Strategy, there are a number of elements to be considered.  These can also be referred to as online properties, or platforms.  The use of each of these elements needs to be chosen carefully, the relative importance often defined by budget and resources,


These elements include:

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  • Company websites - design, content, structure, purpose

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Mobile apps or Mobile specific content

  • Marketing automation

  • Social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  • Email campaigns

  • Data Capture & Analysis

  • Digital Advertising such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads

How Data Feeds Strategy

With the exception of a brand new startup venture, almost every company has existing marketing data.  For some, the volume and value of the data is limited.  For some, the volume and value of the data is high.  For most, the available data is somewhere in between.  Regardless of the starting point, it is important to understand that a well constructed digital marketing strategy should include outlining how data will be captured and used to continue to feed the ongoing decision making process of strategy execution.  A good marketing strategy is a starting point as well a set of review cycles to test assumptions, measure actual results against plans, and make adjustments to improve performance.

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The Planned Approach

When digital marketing follows a planned, strategic approach, steadily improving results can be anticipated.  Resources are allocated to each element of the strategy, increasing the chances of success.
Activities within a planned approached will typically have a schedule for development of content and posting, launching, or putting the campaign into action.

The Unplanned Approach

When digital marketing operates without a plan, it tends to be a disjointed set of of activities, each with a chance of success or failure, but little ability to determine why or why not the marketing budget is being spent wisely.


An unplanned approach will look like a mad house of urgent activity, scrambling to meet deadlines, and posting content on an ad hoc basis, often based on the best idea of the day.


Website as the Hub

A common analogy to a comprehensive digital marketing plan is a wagon wheel with the company website as the hub of the wheel and the various marketing elements as the spokes.  From the hub, the spokes reach out to delivery content and interact with the market in a way not possible by the website itself and from the spokes comes a source of inbound customer traffic, seeking additional information, or seeking a manner to establish contact, to begin a business exchange.
This imparts a great deal of reliance on the website as the hub to be a means of delivering information as well as a means of converting traffic into leads, or sales.  While some digital marketing strategies may be wildly successful without a website acting as the hub, as the key component, the vast majority do follow the hub model.

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