Barrel Racing System

Known as BRS, our new product was built on the success of our Rodeo Management System (RMS). Like RMS one of the most powerful features of the system it's simple integration into the barrel racing association's website.  Whether the site is a straight HTML site or a content management site such as WordPress, it only takes a simple line of code to display the rodeo schedule and links to important public functions such as rodeo entry, rodeo standings, and rodeo results.

The programming code all resides on our webservers so there is no need to install, update and maintain any software.  In addition, any system updates are made available without the need to download and update any software files. This includes an "custom" feature requests. As these are developed, we simply make them standard features for all users.

The pricing model is simple as well.  Just $25 per barrel racing event. No limits on the number of events or the number of entrants per rodeo. Competitor system charge their fees on a per entrant model so with 100+ racers in many events, the Barrel Racing System is an obvious financial winner.

Just click this link to see more about the Barrel Racing SystemTM.