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We have just completed a website launch for a new WordPress mobile friendly website for Otter Creek Outfitters.  The previous website was a very plain back background with white test and a few images, definitely in need of a refresh.  We had a few goals.  First we wanted to improve the visual appeal of the site.  The client is one of the top whitetail deer and black bear outfitters in Saskatchewan with one of the least designed websites. We wanted to improve the mobile user experience.  We wanted to improve the ability to attribute desired outcomes such as lead generation, to the traffic sources.  Plus, the amount of organic traffic from search engines was low and we saw great opportunities to apply our tried and tested SEO optimization techniques to improve their search engine rankings. We are avid outdoorsmen ourselves so we always look forward to helping an outfitter improve their business through marketing. If we are going to spend time at a desk, at least we can be thinking about being in the outdoors. The new website is now an excellent marketing platform to deliver the Otter Creek Outfitters value proposition to those looking for a world-class Northern Saskatchewan hunting experience.  As you browse the site, you will be convinced, as their high percentage of repeat customers are, that this is a premier destination for whitetail and black bear hunting. otter creek outfitters website Within one week of launching the new website, the search positioning has taken a dramatic step upwards.  The previous site was nearly invisible on search engine rankings and we are already jumping up onto the first page of Google search results. What the client has to say, "THANKS VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP WITH UPDATING OUR WEBSITE!!! It is at least 100% better than it was and I really appreciate it and also realize that you have just started on it. Great job.." We have an agreement in place to continue helping the client with their online marketing efforts, future content development and email marketing.
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