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We have just completed a website launch for a new WordPress mobile friendly website for CreeRiverLodge.  The previous website was a decent website, but in need of a refresh.  We had a few goals.  We wanted to improve the mobile user experience.  We wanted to improve the ability to attribute desired outcomes such as lead generation, to the traffic sources.  Plus, the amount of organic traffic from search engines was low and we saw great opportunities to apply our tried and tested SEO optimization techniques to improve their search engine rankings.  The Client has also contracted us to handle their social media work including monitoring their social media channels and interacting with comments and inquiries. Although we are very recent to the website launch, we have already seen a dramatic jump in the website rankings and organic traffic generation. While we were working on the website, we had a chance to go and visit and experience the quality of fishing and the quality of the entire experience.  We were very impressed.  We are avid outdoorsmen to begin with so an opportunity like this, wrapped into a business trip, is better than any week spent at a desk.  Every statement, every claim on the website is 100% true.  The fishing was outstanding, both in terms of number of fish plus size of fish.  I personally was able to establish my own personal records for largest pike and largest pike on a fly rod at the same time with a monster pike of 46 inches landed on the second day.  In total, 8 fish over 40 inches and every spot on the water our guides took us to produced fish.  The guides were outstanding in the knowledge of the area, locations of fish, handling of the boats, and most importantly, handling of the fish.  We watched every fish released swim away to be caught another day. The trip up north was much more than just an opportunity to shake hands.  We gathered some new content and gained valuable insight into what makes Cree River Lodge such a fantastic fly-in fishing experience.  We flipped through the guestbook, almost 100 pages of glowing customer comments and testimonials and now have planned this content into future web and social activities.  We met all the guides and heard first hand some of the history of the operation and stories of recent past that are truly impressive.  The new website is now an excellent marketing platform to deliver to tell the Cree River Lodge value proposition to those looking for a world-class fishing experience. website launch for cree river lodge
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