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We are now in month 2 of developing and implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy for Chaparral Hunting Adventures. Like many Saskatchewan outfitters, Chaparral is facing the downturn in business due to border closures resulting from Covid-19.  A heavy reliance on hunters from south of the border has meant the normally full hunting camp has been extremely quiet.  But rather than sit and wait for the pandemic to end, they have decided to aggressively upgrade their digital marketing tools and have contracted Netnotic to work on their website Search Engine Optimization, building Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, and add the ability to validate their marketing campaigns by adding conversion tracking to their Google Analytics. 

After a quick review prior to the quote and contract, we recommended that they do not need to make major design modifications to their website as it already had a strong visual appeal.  Rather we dug into the technical aspects of the site behind the scenes and we have worked with the client to make a number of modifications.  We have seen an upward trend beginning already with search visibility improvements and organic traffic growth headed in the right direction. 

We still have a ways to go in implementing our Digital Marketing Strategy with this client but we are off to a good start and headed in the right direction.
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