New WordPress Website for Reinbold Electric

Last week we launched a new website for Reinbold Electric, a family owned and operated electrical contractor with locations in Macklin and Kindersley.  The project began many months prior to the launch as their most pressing need was a more reliable email server with more storage.  We took care of that immediately.  Next on the project list was website development.  Reinbold Electric did not have a previous website nor did they have much for existing marketing materials to draw up for the site content.  So the first step was to begin gathering content, images, descriptions of services, community activities, and association memberships.  Starting from zero, and with a busy project list, this was a slow gathering process to assemble the needed content. We provided assistance by suggesting a website structure, sitemap of pages, and wireframe designs that they could then identify and gather content.  We added some content generation to the project as well, helping to pull together some descriptive content which the client reviewed, revised, and then we posted.  One of the reasons we choose to develop the site with WordPress is that the client had requested that they would be able to access to site content in the future to make small changes and updates.  As one of the easiest to use Content Management Systems available, WordPress was an easy choice. You can check out the website at or view the Portfolio.