2021 is Your Year for Strategic Marketing
I think we are all glad to wave goodbye to 2020.  After a year of much turmoil and external factors few of us could have predicted, 2021 holds a promise of a return to normal, eventually.  But that return to normal wont happen immediately as we all still need to work through the COVID-19 health crisis, before we can see what the other side will be like.  After a year when we were all forced to take unplanned actions, now is the time to add Strategic Marketing Planning to your business planning cycle. When the global pandemic hit, some businesses owners chose to put their head down in the sand and hoped that it would just pass them over.  Hope is not a plan.  So let's be blunt, the world has changed, your industry has changed, your customers have changed.  The time for you to start acting intentionally again is now here.  The time to build your new Strategic Marketing Plan is now here. We have now been in this health crisis state for a number of months, consumer activity has changed, business operations have changed.  We will likely be in this state for at least the first half of 2021.  Predictions on what post-pandemic business will be like are a little more fuzzy than our ability to understand the current situation.  This is where Strategic Planning comes in, building a plan for the short to mid-term situation, figuring out how to best compete in the current environment, and scenario planning for the future so when the time comes, we are ready, and not caught being reactionary again. It's time to get your Strategic Marketing Planning started so you can make 2021 as much of a success story as possible and position your business for future growth.  We can help.

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