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The Earth Connections Corner was referred to us from a business associate of theirs that is a client of ours.  Earth Connections Corner sells a number of products for "contained gardening practices" and includes products such as the Garden Tower, Earth Box, and custom made cedar beds and frames.  While having an interesting assortment of products and a history of community involvement projects, they were not getting much website traffic to either of their websites.

They asked us to step in and help with their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts and with future site content updates including their ecommerce system.  With two websites, with very related content on each, we had to first separate the prime content for each site then walk through all the findings in our SEO site audit which included technical fixes as well as content/headings restructuring.  After applying our efforts, we have moved them off the deep and lost pages of search results onto the first page.
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