Should I SEO During a Downturn?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that there may never be a better time to prepare for the future.

Continuing to Market Despite Downturn

For every adage out there, there is another one on the opposite end of the spectrum. When conventional wisdom says do one thing, the market leaders and innovators do the other thing. Many businesses are cutting costs as they "hunker down" for the bad times and hope to be able to climb out of their shell when it's all over. Here is the good news for you, there is less noise in the market, more airtime for your business, more opportunity. When the economy recovers, if you boot your profile now, your brand will be remembered, your sales will surge. Those that pulled the shell over their heads will have to re-start, regain lost position. This is even more so the truth in the world of Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

Of course, that is our opinion, and we are marketers, digital marketers, specialists in SEO. We spend our time helping clients climb the search rankings.  We don't believe that there is ever a good time to take your foot off the gas. Sometimes it means finding another gas pedal. We have dug up some support for our opinion, some cold hard research based economic facts that we thought would be good to share with you:

In today's environment, with the COVID-19 health crisis and social distancing the current practice, many businesses that depend on walk-in traffic are struggling. There is help for Local Business Via Ecommerce. There is also much to gain now with respect to SEO. While your competition goes into hiding, you have the opportunity to leap forward, to grab a bigger piece of the mind-share, and vault up the SEO search rankings.

SEO Motivated by Survival

Survival is powerful instinct and a wonderful motivator when properly channeled. Channeling that motivation in SEO tight now will pay dividends while your competition lays low, waiting, inactive. Search engines like fresh content, on established websites. It's a sign that the business is alive and growing. Stagnate website are frowned upon by search engines. If, relative to the other options available, they are no more than static content, they begin to slip in the rankings, while active websites begin to gain authority and more favorable positioning.

The Home Office Content Shop

For many office workers, they have taken their computers and set up an office at home. As someone in a similar situation as myself (home office for the past 10 years) said, 'we have been preparing for this for over a decade'. For those that are new to the home office experience, you will find that there are prolonged periods without distractions. While the benefits of personal interaction, of collaboration, may be harder to obtain, the ability to focus on a task at hand may improve. One of these tasks well suited to the home office isolation is generating content. With a little time on your hands, it can be wisely spent re-writing existing content, developing new content, and re-purposing older content. All of this has SEO benefits to your website.

More Fresh Content is Good For SEO

Search Engines like content, they like new content, they like original content. When a search engine discovers new content on a website, it signals that the site is alive, that the business is active, that the content is likely more relevant that something produced years ago.

It's Time to Take Advantage of SEO

Now is the time to take advantage of an SEO opportunity. As competitors go into the "hunker down" approach mentioned above, they tend to put all marketing work on hold. That usually includes SEO, to their detriment. If they choose to be stagnant, and you choose to be active with your SEO, you have a window of time on your side to march up and past the search engine rankings of your competition.

Hire In or Hire Out for SEO

In addition to content generation, a key component of SEO and improving your search rankings, there are a number of other activities that can help boost your site's ability to draw in organic traffic. If you are an experienced digital marketer and competent in taking on SEO projects, then now is the time to make it a top priority. If your business needs help with SEO, now is the time to seek the skills of to help you out.  Whether you hire in (yourself) or hire out (consultant), take advantage of your opportunity.