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Sheriff Crane came to with a common problem of small business owners.  They had a website but they were not getting any traffic or any marketing leads from the website.  This is most often the result of a website that has been built without any regard for SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  In order to be found, a website needs to have content worth finding.  The problem was, did not have much content at all and what was there was not properly set up to help Google understand what to do with it.  As a result, their search visibility was in the low single digits, their competition was showing up while they were getting lost on the 3rd and 4th pages of search results.

So we set out on a determined effort to make their site visible by beginning with what the site needed most, content.  Initially all pages of the site had at best a couple images and less than 100 words of text.  Not enough to get Google or other search engines interested and an obvious negative to any SEO efforts.  So we asked a series of questions to gather more information about what they do, about the services they offer, about the customers they serve.  Then we began to pull the content together, to update the existing SEO assets on the site, and add pages that would be meaningful to their customers. The net result is search visibility positions across the board for their key search terms consistently in the top 3 positions.
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