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We were invited to speak at the Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters annual convention.  Our primary topic was “Is Your Website Working”.  A good portion of the presentation was spent identifying and describing to top performance metrics every online marketer should pay attention to, most of which can be viewed within Google Analytics.  One of the key questions we were posing to the audience was “How do you know if your marketing dollars are being well spent?”  The vast majority of the audience did not know where to look to answer such a question. We branched off into other topics, including digital ad platforms, and finally we walked through three sample digital marketing plans that could be utilized by members of the audience.  The follow up from the meeting was as expected, a number of questions where outfitters described their situation and asked for advice. From this, No Fly Zone Waterfowl Outfitters decided to hire us to manage their digital advertising.  No Fly Zone is located near Aberdeen Saskatchewan.  An area that is abundant in flocks of Snow Geese, Canada Geese, Mallard Ducks and Pintail Ducks.  (I know this as I personally hunt the area frequently.)  The client was interested in gaining qualified traffic for both the Spring Snow Goose Hunt as well as the fall waterfowl season. We included, at the start of the project, a review of their website and their existing conversion tracking.  The review was quick, there was none.  So step two was to set up conversion tracking within their Google Analytics account and subsequently the Google Ads campaign we would soon set up.  Since we have put proper tracking in place, we can now tell what online marketing efforts are generating the results they want, customer interest through phone calls, emails, and phone submissions.  These can all be tracked back to the traffic source, whether that is organic traffic (such as Google or Bing), referral traffic, direct traffic, or advertising traffic. In fact, for organic and advertising traffic, we can even identify the search terms that resulted in the web site visit and eventually the contact by the customer to No Fly Zone.
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