JSRA Selects Rodeo Management System
The Junior Southern Rodeo Association, from North Carolina, has just gone live with the Rodeo Management System from Netnotic Marketing.  This is our fourth junior or high school rodeo association and having some previous experience with the past associations has made the implementation of this project smoother and easier. Junior associations have most of the same requirements a senior or a professional rodeo association, with some additional reporting requirements as they often have a series of divisions.  JSRA has 5 divisions, from youngest to oldest, Pee Wee, Junior, and Senior, with Junior and Senior each being divided into Boys and Girls.  This makes for additional season standings and all-around reporting requirements but once these reports are built, they automatically update. Rodeo Management System is now in use essentially from North to South and East to West in North America with users in many provinces in Canada, south to Texas, our new client in North Carolina, and West to California.