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We were approached with an interesting request, to take an existing website and change everything, from the design to the focus on customers instead of the focus on the company products.  The previously existing website was built on spec by an external agency who used a number of dynamic word and phrase switching algorithms to vary the content on the pages by different geographic centers.  The effect of this was essentially to create a guessing game with Google.  If Google indexed the site on one day, it may become well ranked within a particular geography for their services.  Then on the next site crawl, this work would be undone and the site would lose ranking in that geography while perhaps gaining in another.  As well, the client wanted a site that showed what they can do, and have done, for their clients, rather than trying to play game with Google. To start, we went through an interview process with the client to understand what they provide for their customers, now, and services/solutions they are in the process of offering.  From that we built a framework and a site design to take advantage of modern website design techniques and especially to deliver a mobile responsive website that was user friendly for their commercial / industrial customers as well as residential and farm clients. This web development project worked ahead at the speed of the client.  At times, they were able to devote several resources to the provision of website content and during some of their peak activity time periods the web development had to be put on standby to ensure they fulfilled their commitments to their customers.  We were able to ebb and flow along with the customer. Some website projects simply come and go, the project is built and the website remains a static electronic brochure of a point in time. This project will be a living showcase of the clients’ successful projects and their growing base of satisfied customers.  The next phase of the project is already mapped out to add profiles of completed projects to the site to show the wide range and scope of projects they can handle. Our efforts to build a better website are already bearing rewards.  After only a short period on the Google index, we have already achieved a Search Visibility measure of 12.83.  With a recurring SEO plan and content additions planned, we only expect to keep driving this upward.
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