Can Your Website Live Without a Logo?
How important is a logo to your website? More importantly, how important is a logo to your marketing? The power brands are well know by their logos, think IBM, Coca-Cola, Nike, Chevrolet, Apple, Shell, McDonalds and even many cooking courses. The brand awareness of these companies is so strong that almost anyone seeing the logo can immediately name the company and knows the products they sell. In fact, SEO experts on go so far so as to profess that logos play an important part in SEO. On the Internet, we have grown accustomed to company logos appearing at the top of the page and clicking the logo taking you to the home page of the website. For a lesser known company, a logo is less recognized, but think back to some companies that were lesser know only 10 years ago, and as you read each one, does their logo come to mind?
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
Yes it does. But can your company survive, grow, and thrive without a logo?  The answer is yes you probably can, but why would you want to risk it?  All of the famous brands have a recognizable logo, so there is a lesson in that for all marketers.  I believe some elements of a business marketing plan are non-negotiable.  A logo is one of them.  I have a favorite graphic designer I farm out all of my client's logo design needs to, a trusted source of quality work.  I do this because I get quality work at a reasonable price and my clients are always happy.  You can also farm out the design work to some market places on the Internet and get designers to bid and submit proofs for your review. Regardless, don't skip past the importance of a quality logo for your business.  It is the anchor for your brand and for your website. ------------- You can Subscribe to all our posts and receive an automatic email notification when we post a new article.  Subscribe to our Posts.