Digital Marketing ROI

Patience is Not a Virtue

When it comes to Marketing, patience is not a virtue.  For example, waiting for "things to get better" before you launch your next campaign is likely to make things take longer.  I have heard Marketing Managers and Business Executives blame the economy, blame the government, blame consumer confidence, blame the internet (anything ambiguous enough that it can't respond) for their troubles and then proceed to slash marketing budgets until conditions improve.  Guess what?  They don't improve on their own, but good companies make the best of the situation they are in.  Patience in the world of marketing leads to complacency which leads to downward spiraling marketing results which leads to marketing people who should get fired.

Growth Needs Marketing

It's rare to see a company grow without an intentional effort to grow.  Growth takes desire.  Growth takes awareness.  Growth takes demand for your product or service.  Marketing is the means to increase all these and the best channel to exploit when you need to justify your marketing expenses is the Internet.  After 25 years in marketing management positions, I have had a front stage seat while the Internet passed all other channels to market in terms of marketing efficiency.  I sat in the Director of Marketing while we shifted a $4,000,000 marketing budget from a predominantly print, trade show and radio mix to a 50/50 split between online and offline, with ever increasing results.

Go Digital or Die

If your own company marketing plan does not have at least half of your staff time dedicated to online marketing, then get ready to pile your office junk into a box and hit the street.  Digital Marketing has quickly exploded into a mufti-faceted channel with opportunity and risk at every decision point.  If you don't know how to navigate the Digital Marketing frontier, then you better find someone who does and get them on your side, now.

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